New Orleans woman, Raynell Steward, goes from waiting tables to owning cosmetic empire

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A New Orleans woman is making big moves through her cosmetic empire. She’s on a journey that has taken her from waiting tables to internet stardom.

Raynell Steward, known on social media as Wuzzam Supa, has turned viral videos into a multimillion-dollar cosmetic empire.

But her journey hasn’t always been an easy one. For years, she worked as a housekeeper and a waitress.

“You may have a good day and you may have a bad day. You may make rent and you may not,” she said. “You may have to pick up extra shifts and work on holidays and miss your son’s birthday party.”

A year ago, she took a leap and launched “The Crayon Case,” a makeup line that features lipsticks and eye shadows. Now, she has a staff of 20 in a space in New Orleans East.

“Don’t hate on yourself. Along your journey, many people are going to tell you what you can’t do and what you shouldn’t do,” she said. “Don’t be that person to yourself.”

Watch the video to hear from from Steward.

More information about her cosmetic line can be found online.


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